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This past Saturday I played golf with my significant other at Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood Giovani Dos Santos Mexico Jersey , Long Island. The golf course is not as pristine, or well manicured, or aesthetically as beautiful or pleasing as the name may suggest but it is a golf course, whose rates are reasonable and the course is walkable, which is preferable and a plus for us. The golf course is an excellent course for a beginning golfer because it is relatively short ( about 6200 yards from the back tees ), open and not tricked up with water hazards, lengthy carry distance requirements and OB ( out of bounds) areas or huge greenside sand traps and or fairway bunker locations that are intrinsic to many of the more modern golf course designs. It is a perfect course for a walk in the park on a beautiful day and we enjoyed it thoroughly. My play and scoring was not what I would normally expect at this course but what is the saying A Bad Day on the Golf Course is Better Than a Good Day at Work so I enjoyed myself just the same. I shot 85 which isn t terrible but the course difficulty rating is not high and my normal round there is about 75 to 80, which is much closer to what I would expect at my ability level. Cathi shot a 96 which wasn t too bad either considering she plays about once a month and no practice time to speak of. In another writing I spoke about the collateral benefits of golf and this was one of those days where we could appreciate those benefits all the more. We enjoyed some good exercise by walking the course, we unwound from the hectic schedule of the work week Gerardo Flores Mexico Jersey , no trains to catch, no bid date to meet, none of the everyday stresses and pressures inherent with many job responsibilities and we had a little competitive fun while taking our stroll in the park.

When I first started writing about golf I wanted to help eliminate or reduce any potential pitfalls a new golfer may encounter when first preparing or learning to play this incredible game. In retrospect and to clarify that statement there are NO real pitfalls to speak of with golf. The pitfalls I was referring to is over spending on your first set of golf clubs, not taking lessons when you may have had the opportunity or giving up on golf before you ever gave the game a real chance. Our nice leisurely round walking the course this past Saturday helped reinforce my belief in the many more benefits to be derived by playing this exhilirating sport. The good exercise, especially if you walk, the banter and comraderie with your friends or significant other, meeting some new and often very nice people who join in your foursome, taking a client out to play, maybe letting them win and signing a huge deal after the round George Corral Mexico Jersey , the wagering and competitive spirit of golf, the exhilaration of hitting a career shot to a tight pin or flag placement, sinking a 40 to 60 foot putt on a double breaking tiered green, winning a $5 Nassau from your best friend or another competitor, coming close to or getting a hole in one, scoring your first par, birdie or eagle, or maybe the enjoyment of lunch or dinner and a few beers with your friends at the 19th hole after you just won the match, now that s what golf is really all about. So enjoy the collateral benefits of golf and take A Walk in the Park every once in awhile Enrique Esqueda Mexico Jersey , you won t be disappointed. Have fun and Happy Golfing to all!

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