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The new HeroISL Lionel Messi Argentina Jersey , India's very own football competition is going to take off from 12-10-2014, and while the fans gear up for this soccer competition, here is what you should know about it.


Bringing Hindustani soccer out of coma


The Indian Super League was initiated in 2013 after noticing that many Indians are keen about soccer, but sadly, have no national football league with International prestige to watch. The HeroISL aims to turn the table.


It will consist of eight franchise teams Leandro Paredes Argentina Jersey , owned from people and companies across the country. The league will launch in October and end in December.


The 8 teams that will compete in this competition are:


· Atletico de Kolkata, assisted by Antonio Lopez Habas, with Spain as the foreign draft.


· Chennai Titans, coached by Marco Materazzi with Italy as the foreign draft.


· Delhi Dynamos FC, trained by Harm van Veldhoven with Netherlands as the foreign draft.


· FC Goa Javier Mascherano Argentina Jersey , trained by, Zico with Brazil as the foreign draft.


· Kerala Blasters FC, trained by David James with England as the foreign draft.


· Mumbai City FC, assisted by Peter Reid with England as the foreign draft.


· North East United FC, trained by Ricki Herbert with New Zealand as the foreign draft.


· FC Pune City Giovani Lo Celso Argentina Jersey , trained by Franco Colomba with Italy as the foreign draft.


While building their outfits, each club will have to sign:


· At least 7 foreigners, out of which 2 will be from the squad and five will be from the foreign player draft;


· One marquee player, which in the words of AIFF is "A foreign recruit who has represented his country in any of the continental championships like the European Championship, Copa America German Pezzella Argentina Jersey , African Nations Cup, Asian Cup, or FIFA World Cup will be called a marquee player;" and


· fourteen Indian homegrown players, four of which have to be local players from the city the club belongs to.


Celebrity Who's who in the HeroISL


The competition is owned by Reliance Industries Ltd, Star India Pvt. Ltd. and IMG Worldwide Inc. It would be aired only on STAR Sports and will have Hero MotoCorp as the competition; thus the name Hero Indian Super League. From Bollywood Fernando Belluschi Argentina Jersey , we have John Abraham who co-owns the squad North East United FC, Ranbir Kapoor who co-owns the Mumbai City FC team, Abhishek Bachchan who co-owns Chennaiyin FC squad, Salman Khan who co-owns the FC Pune City squad, and Varun Dhawan who is the brand ambassador of the FC Goa club. From the field of Indian Cricket Federico Fazio Argentina Jersey , Sachin Tendulkar is the co-owner of the Kerala Blasters FC squad and Sourav Ganguly is the co-owner of the Atletico de Kolkata team.


HeroISL rules:


Every year, the competition would be played between October and December. Each team will play against all other squads twice on a home-and-away basis. The top 4 teams will decide in the finals.


Investing in the squad


Squad owners' investments in the Indian Super League are worth having a look. Different clubs have spent massively to acquire foreign players:


Goa: 430.000 USD


Chennai Titans: 380.000 USD


Atletico de Kolkata: 350.000 USD


Mumbai City: 330.000 USD


Kerala Blasters: 315.000 USD


Pune City: 280.000 USD


Delhi Dynamos: 260.000 USD


North East United: 260.000 USD


With this kind of investments and international allure towards the HeroISL, this is surely a soccer league you would not want to miss! Possibly a kickstart to bring soccer in Hindustan to a higher level!

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