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China's top court has released an outline on the judicial protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) between 2016 and 2020 [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Kris-Russell-Adidas-Jersey/]Kris Russell Oilers Jersey[/url] , ahead of the World Intellectual Property Day, which falls on Wednesday.


The outline released by China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) on Monday is the first of its kind in China since the country opened the first legal case of patent dispute in 1985. Since then, the country has heard more than 792,000 civil cases involving IPR.


The outline puts forward eight goals, such as establishing a high-quality cadre of judges [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Wayne-Gretzky-Adidas-Jersey/]Wayne Gretzky Oilers Jersey[/url] , as well as a long-term mechanism for international judicial cooperation on IPR, the Xinhua News Agency reported.


China closed a total of 171,708 IPR cases in 2016, said Tao Kaiyuan, vice president of the SPC [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Ryan-Nugent-Hopkins-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Jersey[/url] , up 20.86 percent from 2015.


The SPC dealt with a total of 177,705 IPR cases in 2016, an increase of 19.07 percent from the previous year, according to a statement released on the website of SPC.


Those included the "Qiaodan" case, which was listed by the SPC as one of the top 10 IPR cases in China in 2016 for other courts to refer to.


The case featured US basketballer Michael Jordan suing Qiaodan Sports [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Oscar-Klefbom-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Oscar Klefbom Jersey[/url] , a Chinese sportswear and shoes manufacturer, for unauthorized use of his name and identity, as the brand name is the Chinese transliteration of the name "Jordan."


According to Tao, the SPC will look to significantly improve its ability to provide judicial protection in the next five years, and make more contribution to the international efforts on IPR protection.


China has also made stronger efforts to better protect IPR as part of its larger effort to create a more innovative economy.


WASHINGTON [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Kailer-Yamamoto-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Kailer Yamamoto Jersey[/url] , July 21 (Xinhua) -- The Pentagon said on Friday that the United States was withholding 50 million U.S. dollars in payment to Pakistan due to Islamabad's insufficient counterterrorism action.


"The funds could not be released to the government of Pakistan at this time because the Secretary (of Defense Jim Mattis) could not certify that Pakistan has taken sufficient action against the Haqqani Network per the requirement in the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act," said the Pentagon in a statement, referring to a branch of the Afghan Taliban.


The funds being withheld is part of a Pentagon program called Coalition Support Fund, which aims to reimburse U.S. allies and partners for their counterterrorism operations.


In the Fiscal Year 2016, 900 million dollars were marked for Pakistan [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Mark-Letestu-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Mark Letestu Jersey[/url] , among which 550 million dollars had already been reimbursed.


However, before withholding of 50 million dollars announced on Friday, Mattis' predecessor Ash Carter decided last year to withhold another 300 million dollars of the funding.


The announcement also came days after the U.S. State Department in a report on global terrorism accused Pakistan of not taking "substantial action" against the Afghan Taliban or Haqqani.


The United States in 2012 designated the Haqqani Network as a terrorist organization.


Pakistan argued that it had done a great deal to help Americans in tracking down terrorists, saying that it had suffered hundreds of deaths in Islamist militant attacks in response to its crackdowns, Reuters reported.


"It may be noted that the funds in question are a reimbursement of the expenses incurred by Pakistan towards achieving our common objectives in the fight against terrorism [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Cam-Talbot-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Cam Talbot Jersey[/url] , and not an assistance," Pakistan's ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, said in a statement.


Top Chinese leaders visit military exhibition


Road submerged due to flood in east China's Jiangxi


Shop blast leaves 2 dead, 55 injured in east China city


AOPA-China Fly-In 2017 air show opens in SW China's Guizhou


In pics: Xinjiang's most beautiful highway


23rd Summer Deaflympics opens in Samsun [url=http://www.nhloilersteamshop.com/Oilers-Milan-Lucic-Adidas-Jersey/]Cheap Milan Lucic Jersey[/url] , Turkey


In pics: China's CH-5 drone completes trial flight


In pics: ethnic embroidery show in SW China's Yunnan


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