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 Asunto :We see your silver blossom blown..
12-07-2018 06:19:06 
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Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear!

O Queen beyond the Western Seas!

O Light to us that wander here

Amid the world of woven trees!


Gilthoniel! O Elbereth!

Clear are thy eyes and bright thy breath!

Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee

In a far land beyond the Sea.


O stars that in the Sunless Year

With shining hand by her were sawn,

In windy fields now bright and clear

We see your silver blossom blown!


O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!

We still remember, we who dwell

In this far land beneath the trees,

Thy starlight on the Western Seas.


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